Anti Valentine Week

Anti Valentine Week

Anti Valentine Week, Before Valentine Week, With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, all stores are adorned with red hearts and love symbols. But if you are tired of all the shower of love that comes with the start of February, there is an Anti-Valentine week, right after Valentine’s Day.

The month which is meant for lovers is February. This month include Valentine week and anti valentine week. In Valentine week, we use to make special arrangements for our love. It is the time when the identification of true love takes place.

The entire week sure has some violent and negative ideas but do not let it get into your life too seriously. It clearly does not mean you go out and slap or kick someone. At most, the Anti-Valentine Week is just a way of expressing your frustration at the over show of love that precedes it.

Date Day
15th February Slap Day
16th February Kick Day
17th February Perfume Day
18th February Flirting Day
19th February Confession Day
20th February Missing Day
21st February Break-Up Day


Anti Valentine Week also cover the event of the Flirting day. Anti-Valentine week are meant for those who do not follow the concept of love. The person who does not believe in love celebrates flirting day. If we are a single and get the failure in love then, we have to go for another option other than love and this is the theme of Flirting day. Every year on 18th February, it celebration takes place.