Confession Day

Confession Day

Confession Day, Happy Confession Day, Anti Valentine Week, Confession Day 19 Feb, there is a trend to celebrate Anti Valentine week before Valentine’s Day. For couples who are in relationship but are not being loyal or being cheating on can go ahead and confess on this day.

Confession in love is the most loving thing one can do for the other. Finding the correct one is luck, falling in love is a lucky thing but to confess your love is a very tough situation. Several boys and girls, with love in their eyes cannot tell it out, of the fear of rejection, of nervousness or of lack of the right instant.

So what is the meaning of Confession? Well, if we explain the term, in brief, it means venting out your feelings in front of someone. Confessing your love to someone is surely a tough task. The Confession Day actually is not only limited to the expression of your love felt feelings. You can also be honest and express your otherwise feelings to the person.

Love is one of the slightest emotions and confessing it is the toughest work. However, this year on the event of Happy confession day which falls on February 19th, there are various website offers free sms services for you. The confession day just means that you are confessing about your present relationship status and feelings that is going around in your mind.

Confession Day Wishes

“If I could have all the time in the world,

I know what I would do: I’d spend the time.

In pleasure sublime, just by being with you

Happy Confession Day”

Confession Day Status

“Prayer is a confession of our weakness.

On Confession Day make yourself,

wishing my friends a

Happy Confession Day”

Confession Day Quotes

“Today is confession day and I want

to confess my all previous mistakes.

And if it is just a formal confession

I am not able to say even a single word.

But I am really sorry form my heart.”

It is Anti Valentine Week by Slap Day, Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirting Day, Confession Day, Missing Day and finally, Break-Up Day.