Missing Day

Missing Day

Missing Day, Happy Missing Day, Anti Valentine Week, Missing Day 20 Feb, there is a trend to celebrate Anti Valentine week before Valentine’s Day. Broken up couples who are missing their old love can send missing message, text or missing image to their ex. as a sigh of remembrance.

The worst experience of our life is to miss someone whom we love so much. It is difficult to pass the time on which we cannot meet our love. If we are in love with someone and we have got separated from him or her then, the moments which we spend without him or her are very painful.

This day is dedicated to those people who have been subjected to the blues of sweet love lost, those little Brave hearts who are missing their beloved or betrothed due to insurmountable distances, whether it be a physical separation or be halted at an emotional impasse, and left to sail the stormy seas of life all by themselves.

The exuberance with which people celebrate the Valentines week sometimes becomes a bit too intolerable for people who are missing their lovers, almost sickening, like by mistake you got a strong double espresso instead of the caramel latte you ordered.

Missing Day Wishes

“What makes some people dearer is not just

the happiness that we feel when

we meet them but the emptiness

we feel when they are not around us.”


Missing Day Quotes

“Days are Busy, Hours are Few, Seconds are Fast,

but there is always time for me to ask

How r u? n Hope u r fine. Miss you.”

Missing Day Status

“Sometimes, I forget to say hi,

Sometimes, I even miss to reply,

Sometimes, my MSG doesn’t reach u,

But, it doesn’t mean that I forget u,

I’m just giving u time to miss me!”

It is Anti Valentine Week by Slap Day, Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirting Day, Confession Day, Missing Day and finally, Break-Up Day.