Slap Day

Slap Day

Slap Day, Happy Slap Day, Anti Valentine Week, Slap Day 15 Feb, there is a trend to celebrate Anti Valentine week before Valentine’s Day. This Day, there is a trend to celebrate Valentine week. Our Valentine on this day is very important for us. In this Valentine’s Day we use to get the chance to love so much, make promises and exchange gifts along with to give kisses but there is another day for showing anger, to reform our mistakes, to teach the lesson to anybody and to end the relationship. This day comes after Valentine’s day i.e. 15 th February and is known as Slap day.

The Slap Day Date just falls after the Valentine’s Day Date. It falls on the 15th February every year which makes it a laughable concept among many. Just 2 days after the Kiss Day, commences the Slap Day which further continues to Kick Day, Breakup Day etc. The Valentine’s Day is sure special for many but the Anti-Valentine Week is not less i guess.

Slap Day, sounds a little violent but is certainly a funny and a witty occasion. Be it Slap Day 2018 Date or the Date, it does not change. The Valentines Week consists of a day called the Slap Day that sets its roots on the 15th February every year.

Slap Day can be celebrated in end number of ways of which some are listed below for your convenience. The Slap Day Celebration is a by far the most awaited days among school children because of the reason of pranking on this very day.

Slap Day Message

“Look at yourself in the mirror

And slap yourself hard.

And you will realize the pain you had given me throughout.

Happy Slap day!”

Slap Day SMS

“Slap Day is here.. You slap your old boyfriend (for whatever wrong he did to you)

and break all ties.

Happy Slap Day”

Slap Day Wishes

“Dantane Ya Chillany Ka Shauk Nahi Hai Mujhe

Log Thappar Khaa Kar Khud Hi Kah Dete Hai Behan Rishta

Barkara Rakhana

Happy Slap Day..!!!”

Slap Day Quotes

On this day day let us not slap the person but “slap the ties”.

You can send a “slap card” or a “slap email”.

Happy Slap Day

It is Anti Valentine Week by Slap Day, Kick Day, Perfume Day, Flirting Day, Confession Day, Missing Day and finally, Break-Up Day.