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Happy Chocolate Day Song

Chocolate Day Lyrics

Chocolate Day Song, is the best way to express your love and feelings to your Loved ones. Chocolate Day is celebrated every year across the world on February 9.

To make Happy Chocolate Day extra special and memorable, you can send these Romantic Song Lyrics that aptly express love. Gander below to check out top romantic Chocolate Day Song that you can send to your Valentine.

Song Lyrics is a well-known way to express feelings. It is a contemporary style of song which originated in ancient world. This could be the best romantic way to express your emotions on Valentine Week.

Chocolate Day Song

Out of the cocoa pads came the
"food of the gods."
Choc, choc, chocolate
Chewy and gooey, stick and sweet
Choc, choc, chocolate

I like bars that rocket to Mars
I gotta have a Hershey kiss
You know I'd die for chocolate mud pie
Sends me to heavenly bliss.

Choc, choc, choc
Choc, choc, chocolate

Many years ago, in Mexico
Choc, choc, chocolate
Cortez found a bean he'd never seen
Choc, choc, chocolate
The lucky fella sailed home to Isabella
"Hey Cortez, what's new?"
Something yummy for your tummy
A cow pie to make you Moo!"


Pour it on cherries, big strawberries
Choc, choc, chocolate
Smack my lips for chocolate chips
Choc, choc, chocolate
Momma say, "A small piece is OK
Little bit's healthy to eat.
A pick er upper, not your supper.
Save it for a special treat."
(Treat? Trick or Treat!)

Too much fudgey, get your pudgy
Choc, choc, chocolate
Eat ear off, bunny, make him funny
Choc, choc, chocolate
Chocolate cakes, creamy shakes
Chocolat from France
Chocolate Santas, chocolate seashells
Chocolate covered ants!
(My favorite! Tres Bon!)

It is followed by Rose Day, Propose Day, Chocolate Day, Teddy Day, Promise Day, Hug Day, Kiss Day and finally, Valentine's Day.

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