Valentine’s Day Essay

Valentine's Day Essay

Valentine’s Day remains a worthless holiday for many people because love should never be expressed only one day out of a year. Everyone knows that it takes more than just one day to love a person, yet people still celebrate this special day. Some people forget the little things we do every day to show how much we care about that significant other.

For example, sending a text message saying “ I love you” or just enjoying each other company is all it takes. As a result, there are easy ways to show how much we love another person through the year without having to stress about one day out of the year. Love can also be shown 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and 52 weeks a year or in simpler terms every day. Just remember showing how much you care will go a much farther than just showing it one day out of the year.

In present time, love is one important factor for most people. During Valentine day you get a chance to be loved as well as love some one. This is an occasion when you get a chance to experience love from your friends and family members. The fact is that on this day you get to share love with others. So in this article we shall share some of the best ways to celebrate this day with others.

What I do find interesting about Valentine’s Day is how it came to be. Though this holiday makes big bucks for candy and card companies, they did not create the tradition. The holiday began with a priest known as Valentine, his illegal activities, and the price he paid.

The other version is that the day is nothing but the Christianised form of an ancient Roman festival known as ‘Lupercalia Festival’. The festival is celebrated as the commencement of spring and purification.