Valentine’s Day Love Latter

Valentines Day Love Letter

Writing effective and heart touching Valentine’s Day Love Letters is quite an art in itself. To perfect this art one needs a will to express and lots of love for the recipient of the letter. An added touch of imagination and creativity makes the letter a masterpiece.

Putting pen to paper gives you space to really open up, explore, and expand on what’s in your heart. That can be just the thing for when your feelings are so strong, you just know it’s going to take some extra time, thought, and heartfelt words to express all you’re feeling. A love letter gives you a chance to dive deeper and communicate things that can be hard to say face to face or capture in a text…even one with lots of heart emojis.

Wrap Up a Love Letter

  • All my love
  • Love you
  • All yours
  • Love always
  • Forever
  • Forever yours
  • Endlessly
  • Passionately
  • Truly
  • Gratefully
  • All my heart
  • Always and forever
  • Hugs and kisses
  • Kisses
  • Under your spell
  • With all my love on (Valentine’s Day)
  • With a kiss (lipstick optional)
  • With a spritz of your signature scent
  • With an enclosure (poem, quote, concert tickets, pressed flower, paper heart, candy, etc.)
  • With a fancy wax seal or embossed sticker
  • With your awesome origami skills in place of an envelope (hand-delivery only)
  • With ribbon or twine tied in a bow
  • Mail to your partner’s home or place of work (It can be surprisingly fun to get mail from someone you live with or see every day.)
  • In their bag, purse, or briefcase
  • On the driver’s seat of their car
  • On their pillow
  • On the bathroom vanity
  • Face-to-face