Valentine’s Day Traditions

Valentine's Day Traditions

Romantic festival of St Valentine’s Day is celebrated with enthusiasm and fond regard in several countries around the world. Most commonly observed Valentine’s Day tradition and custom is expressing one’s love with an exchange of cards, flowers and gifts.

Looking for Dates

One of the most popular customs of Valentine’s Day observed worldwide is to go on a date with sweetheart.

Wishing ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to all We Love

Now, people take opportunity of the day to wish ‘Happy Valentine’s Day’ to anyone they love be it father, mother, teachers, siblings, friends, co-workers or just anyone special to them.

Valentine’s Day Custom of Exchanging Notes

One of the most commonly observed Valentine’s Day customs is the exchange of love notes called ‘Valentines’. Initially people used to exchange handwritten notes but starting with the 19th century, the practice of sending hand written notes was replaced by the exchange of mass-produced greeting cards.

Valentine’s Day Tradition of Exchanging Gifts

There exists a strong tradition of indulging one’s beloved with gifts of love. Some of the most popular gifts exchanged between lovers on Valentine’s Day are fresh flowers – mainly roses, chocolates and teddy bears.

An Occasion to Dine and Wine

The other most traditional way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to go for romantic candlelight dinners with one’s Valentine.

Valentine’s Day Celebrations in Schools

In several countries including United States and Canada there is a tradition to organize Valentine’s Day classroom parties in schools.